While most of Sam’s friends request him to use his outside voice, Yen is one of the chosen few who have seen and heard this boxy young man properly enraged. Samut Riley wields kitchen implements with skill second only to Nana’s and he will not hesitate to menacingly wave the blunt ones at Yen if needed.

Sam is the founder and vice-president of the Pharaohs MC, friend to all cats that his allergies do not allow him to own and Yen’s self proclaimed big brother figure, though Yen prefers to call him ‘mummy’. He is the mastermind behind the club’s logo design and in free time, a different kind of mastermind behind the DM’s screen.

Sam’s dream is to study archaeology, but he’s not sure if he will ever afford to. Still he quietly daydreams about it, while moving other people’s furniture and boxed belongings for a living. Sam observes ancient holidays and traditions and prays to the Egyptian gods. Probably the most genuine and definitely the nerdiest of all the Pharaohs. He would really like to be in a relationship but he’s likely to stay lonely forever. Why must Yen steal every single one of Sam’s boyfriends?