Have you seen a woman dressed in a skirt on top of a dress and two pairs of leggings outrun a car? She ran into all the puddles on her way? It must have been Xenia.

Xenia has been seen dragging some skinny unfortunate all around New Coalport, but the one place she can be found on a regular basis is the weeping willow at the bank of the Graystone River. You might also spot her browsing fashion in second hand stores or picking on people who pick on her friends, especially if she can get some nice accessory out of it. She enjoys combing her hair, or maybe she has to do that – you’ve never seen such a mane on a girl before.

What, your friends say they have seen Xenia go into the river and never come out? Well, if you don’t believe that story, why don’t you go into the water and check for yourself?