You might have tried sassing a waitress once, then she roasted you mercilessly while all your friends cheered. They left her a huge tip too, but you remembered the name. Josie.

Josie doesn’t take shit from anyone, and while she may be short, so is her temper. She is the Pharaohs’ sergeant at arms, in charge of the club’s security. Yen might be the loudest one in the group, but Josie is the one you should watch out for. She got her position for a reason. Fearless and loyal, she is always ready to stand up for her club. She is also the only member of the club who competes in formal motorcycle rallies.

To cement the image of a total badass, Josie loves to literally play with fire. If not for Tamika’s watchful eye, there would have been a number of fires along the Graystone River and an unfortunate number of married women seduced by this biker gal.