If you ever wondered why Sam no longer lives with his parents, don’t ask Nakhti about it. Those two have been more than friends once. After years of silence, Nakhti suddenly replied to one of Sam’s letters and showed up in New Coalport overnight, proceeding to start the Pharaohs MC. Nobody is quite sure why exactly this man decided to abandon his education and career in finance for work in a junkyard, or what kind of dark thoughts course behind the frown when he forgets to smirk, but they are glad to have him here. 

Nakhti cares for his friends and makes a great leader for their band of misfits. He is known for problem-solving so effective that it raises questions, which are perhaps better left unanswered. Nakhti and Yen have been an item for a while. Whichever of each other’s secrets they accidentally discover, their arrangement is simple – never tell Samut.