Meet Wyatt Brooks, the rich, successful graduate of the geology faculty, pursuing his dream career. What? You’ve seen him awkwardly prowling the streets in search of unattended bags to steal? Impossible. Just ask his parents. They’ll tell you that their Wyatt spends his days at the university lectures, the office building he works in, and out in the field doing smart geological things. They don’t actually live in the same city, but they know that for sure because he told them. That petty thief called ‘Ocher’ who looks exactly like him couldn’t possibly be their son.

Ocher’s current goal is to steal enough to pay off his student debt, go back to the university he dropped out of and graduate for real before his parents find out their last celebration was a fake.

But wait, don’t they say that behind each lie there is a grain of truth? Just like he told his family, Wyatt really does pursue a career in the petroleum industry. He has to be up at 5AM to make it on time for his shift at the gas station. Why then is he awake in the middle of the night, staring at an hourglass? That’s easy. He claims watching the sand helps him forget about his everyday problems, like how to keep track of which lie he told who or what to do with all those keys under his bed.