A teenage girl chased you down last year to give you back your fallen glove. You thanked and watched her walk away. Before she disappeared from sight, you saw her pick up some litter from the grass and toss a handful of coins to the poor on the corner. It was probably her pocket money.

Rose loves her adoptive Polish parents and siblings very much and will have no mercy on those who misspell ‘pierogi’ as ‘pierogis’ in her presence. If you want to be her friend, you need to finally learn that ‘pierogi’ does not need an ‘s’ because it is already in plural.

She is very religious, but firmly believes that if God minded her liking other girls, He would strike her down or send one of His angels to punish her. He hasn’t, so she should be fine.

She is also Zack’s best friend since childhood – her mom was Zack’s babysitter – and many times bravely fought Taylor when he wouldn’t leave Zack alone on the playground.

Rose is always welcome at the Viteris and loves uncle Hector very much. He’s always been nothing but kind to her.

Why is it then that she gets this strange feeling when he hears him give out instructions on the phone?