It’s impossible to miss Taylor Whalesong in a crowd. On the highschool football field, the blond quarterback dwarfs the other players. Some people have wondered if he’s repeating a year or maybe several. There’s no way that huge guy still goes to highschool. And yet, there he is, allegedly still a teenager and living the high life, with a new cheerleader around his arm every season, pleading him to audition for the school play with her. Oh yes, Taylor is not just an exemplary athlete, he starred in the school’s last year rendition of Hamlet.

Taylor has a fantastic reputation at school. Only one Hector Viteri Junior, or Zack as he calls himself, can sometimes make the otherwise respectable student snap. On those occasions Viteri Jr calls Whalesong “fit teller” or something like that, nobody knows what that is about, and most are prudent enough not to ask Taylor about it.

When he is not at school, the younger Whalesong can often be seen around the docks, no doubt learning the knots of his father’s shipyard business.

A man fitting Taylor’s description has been seen trespassing in the city zoo at night. Or so the rumor goes. But why would anyone in their right mind climb into the wolf pen?